The American dream at reach

North America is a continent of superlatives. Surrounded by three different oceans, its immensity never fails to fascinate. When it comes up in conversation, North America usually brings about images of the United States and Canada…people often forget that Mexico and Greenland are also part of the same continent! Embark on a memorable voyage made of immense territories, rich wilderness and incredible urban masterpieces.

The essential

Live the delusions of grandeur of this mythical destination

From the Canadian Great Lakes to the impressive archeological site of Teotihuacan in Mexico, From New York skyscrapers to the plains of Yellowstone, North America concentrates an unbelievable number of mythical destinations.
Quebec, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Mexico: so many legendary cities to be discovered and explored! Just connect the dots and draw up an amazing itinerary that will deliver the promise of great adventures. See the emblematic Niagara Falls, the mythical California beaches, the beautiful Pre-Colombian ruins of Tulum, the impressive Rocky Mountains or the fabulous Yellowstone National Park….


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Flight to the USA

The USA are a shining country. How can anyone resist its image of excess?  The country shines with intense cultural and artistic activity. So don’t miss its many spectacular venues, theaters and museums. For more family-oriented fun, head for theme parks. Come experience the swirling energy of the USA by booking a flight to Los Angeles. Experience an enthralling continent that will keep drawing you back for more. Your journey will be punctuated by splendid National Parks, epic monuments and humbling panoramas. Sumptuous décors that look like film backdrops. North America is to be seen, felt and embraced at least once in a lifetime.


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Flight to Canada

With its impressive stature of nearly 10 million km², Canada is the world’s second largest country. It encompasses six different time zones and offers gorgeous open landscapes. Canada’s west coast is bathed by the Pacific Ocean whereas its east shores collude with the Atlantic. To the North the Arctic infuses its frozen majesty. Come discover an endless territory of natural wonders and exciting adventures.


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Venice beach

Famous for its vast swathes of white sand and boardwalk populated by roller skaters, cyclists and artists, Venice Beach was also used as the location for 90s mega-hit TV series Baywatch. The sun is directly overhead and there is a dense crowd but it's not at all oppressive. Quite the contrary, the sparkling lightness and joyful atmosphere make you feel great. Meanwhile, Hollywood movie make-believe comes to life on the beach to the delight of crowds of kids and adults.

The Stratosphere Tower

It rises at 350 meters and promises attractive strong sensations. In good weather, the view on the valley and the mountains is almost infinite. Restaurant and bar have a fantastic view over the city. But the most unusual is that the top of the building proposes merry-go-rounds with big shivers.

The Californian coast

Los Angeles is a city of palatial boulevards and avenues and Melrose Avenue is one of the most glamorous shopping spots. Trendy designer fashion, upscale restaurants serving exotic specialties and art galleries... it's the perfect place for a leisurely stroll. Los Angeles may be a megacity but it boasts plenty of friendly, vibrant neighborhoods where it's easy to feel at home.

The performing art

In the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and in the 18b Art Disctrict, the new trendy district, the local artists express themselves. In Las Vegas, the art is in the street, but also in the magnificent concert halls of hotels-casinos. The Cirque du Soleil makes the glory of the shows of the city today.

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