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Modify your booking with ease

If you wish to change your booking, request a special meal, choose your seat, book a complementary service, or simply to update your contact details?


All this is possible thanks to our online booking process! 

Here you can :


>Modify or complete your personal details:

  • your Flying Blue number
  • your contact details (email and telephone number)


> Modify your booking and your travel dates

  • Your ticket must be changeable with or without charges (refer to the pricing conditions)
  • The modification applies to all the passengers covered by the booking
  • Take care to check the onwards flights to your final destination on the new selected date
  • You will then receive a new e-ticket.

Don’t forget our complementary "à la carte" services!

By accessing your online booking service you will be able to choose from our range of complementary services: a more comfortable seat, extra baggage at preferential rates.

Seat Plus

Aircalin offers you, on his network, the possibility of travelling more comfortably by booking a Seat Plus till 30 hours before departure.

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Extra Baggage

Take all you need by booking an Extra Baggage till 30 hours before departure.


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A La Carte Menus

Till 48 hours before boarding, turn your lunch or dinner on board into a true moment of pleasure.

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