In New Caledonia nature thrives and people proudly display their diversity. Wonder at a lagoon that is listed as a World Heritage site, walk through forests where precious woods and rare essences abound or acquaint yourself with a joyful multi-ethnic population. Visit New Caledonia and discover a melting pot of cultures and splendid panoramas that will make your heart beat a little faster.

The essential

Discover New Caledonia, a marvel at the heart of the Pacific

The country is probably best defined by its quintessential values of generosity, respect, tradition and sharing. It stands some 17 000 km from Paris and delivers the promise of great adventures and stories to be told. Outdoor activities, leisure, excursions, slow-paced life and authentic Kanak traditions: New Caledonia has it all! You will be enthralled by the majesty of a tropical island that’s also a fragment of France.
From Grande Terre to the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia showcases a thousand different landscapes. Be inspired by its unique cross-cultural bridge of French and Melanesian influences- a multifold heritage that is echoed by local gastronomy, social interactions and lifestyle. Kanaks, Noumeans or rural Broussards: the diversity of New Caledonia’s human landscape will undoubtedly endear you its population. Book a flight to Noumea and discover one of the world’s most splendid destinations: New Caledonia, the beating heart of the Pacific.


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Admire the authentic beauty of a thousand faces destination


Live an unforgettable journey by visiting the most beautiful sites of New Caledonia

Isle of Pines: Island of serenity

The Isle of Pines is New Caledonia’s Holy Grail. Postcard-perfect landscapes and majestic contrasts: enticing images are broadcasted worldwide, and for many travelers the island’s beauty is reason enough to visit New Caledonia. A thirty-minute flight away from Grande Terre, the island is like a precious enclave in the heart of the Pacific where you can celebrate your marriage or your honeymoon.

Noumea, an object of desire

New Caledonia’s capital is a vibrant and lively city. Overlooking the lagoon and butting up against a hill side, it offers a plethora of activities, man-made enticements, shopping venues and cultural outings. Nouméa is resolutely strong-tempered, and it masterfully beats the pulse of cosmopolitanism.

Majestic Ouvea

The island is reputed for its mythical Mouli Beach – an exquisite site packed with postcard-perfect features. But Ouvéa is much more than a mere tropical paradise. Here the sun lights every landscape with a thousand vivid colors and paints a picture of scarlet-red Flamboyant trees, cobalt-blue waters and endless stretches of immaculately white sand.

Joyful Lifou

Meet a fairy-tale island that stretches its gorgeous body over 1150 km². Luengöni Bay, Peng and Chateaubriand Beaches, Jokin cliffs: Lifou hosts incredible and exciting scenery, much-appreciated by visitors. The island’s touristic and cultural activities have been fast-growing over the recent years.

A kaleidoscope of colors and textures

The southern edge of New Caledonia overflows with contrasting landscapes. Nature is potent and so diverse the overall décor resembles an epic-scale collage. From nickel-rich red grounds to Yaté’s breathtaking drowned kaori forest, from aqua lagoons to emerald forests, the southern territories of New Caledonia paint an incredibly rich and colorful picture.


Vibrate to the rythm of this atypical and unforgettable destination

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